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Lower Greenbrier River Byway:

The Lower Greenbrier River Byway escorts you along the last 27 miles of longest untamed river in the eastern US. This stretch of the Greenbrier runs along the railroad through farms and woods, visits old villages and finally empties into New River at Hinton.

Alderson showcases its history with an old depot and several unique shops. In Lowell a very early log home overlooks the river and recalls the Indian-settler shootout that took place there. In Talcott a statue of John Henry stands guard over the tunnel he helped to build.

The Wolf Creek and Lowell Backways probe the county roads and offer you surprising glimpses into life little changed by modern development but with plenty of local adaptations.


Fort Spg , Rt 63 to Alderson:
roadway clings to the narrow river, mostly woodland, Greenbrier River Campground, including boat rentals

Alderson, Rts 3 and 12 to Willowood Bridge:
spur to Alderson Historic District across the river, shops; restaurants, gas, quick food

Pence Springs:
healing spring, Grand Hotel, flea mkt, family airport, gas, etc

river access, Graham House, Plow and Thistle shop, gas, etc

center of John Henry story, existing statue and summer festival, future museum,Very old Dillons store with memorabilia, retro Dairy Bar , river access

Willowood Bridge:
antiquated overhead structure T-s into junction of Rts 3 and 12, river access

Rt 3 to Bellepoint:
Groundworks Nursery, Big Rock feature and civil war site, Newbrier Motel, terminus proposed at Nat. Guard Armory 1 m. east of confluence of Greenbrier into New River

Rt 12 to 4-H Camp Rd:
lots of river oriented homes and camps, nice farm, river with islands/channels ( approx 30 miles)

Lowell Backway:
mostly twisting one lanes with great cycling opportunities, fine farms, river views across to Rts 3/12 and railroad paralleling, return to byway at Pence Spgs near hotel (approx 10 miles)

Wolf Creek Byway:
from outskirts of Alderson to Pickaway (US 219) with segment from Sinks Grove to reconnect with byway at Fort Spg. Total mileage appox 20 Alderson to Pickaway Backway: Rt 3 winds into karst topography with 18th century settlement, High Meadow Lodge offers upscale Lodging; Wolf Crk Wineryexcellent product with tasting room, farms

Sinks Grove to Fort Spring:
two undeveloped intact villages, great farm scenery, Snowflake represents old limestone quarry with restored company housing complex A set of narrow backroads of appox. 8 miles would connect the two backways and allow a continuous loop viewing the system without one section around the Alderson historic spur. Overall theme: the geography of the lower Greenbrier River. Historic content: very early settlement, rail development featuring John Henry. Recreational content: boating, cycling, touring, local shops. Scenic content: the river and adaptations of human habitation, lack of billboards and commercial development

Lower Greenbrier River Byway Assoc.


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